Text Message Advertising

textWould you like to be able to directly contact people who like craft fairs?

Would you like to be able to tell your stallholders that you sent a text to loads of people in your area telling them about your craft fair? People who have ASKED to be told about local craft fairs?



Bookastall has a text messaging service which will allow you to directly contact people in your area.

If you are interested in craft fairs, make sure you join this service!

Text STALL followed by your COUNTY to 66777

You will then receive text message alerts when an event organiser in your area wants to notify you of their craft fair.


Current Prices:

£8.75 for one event
£14.00 for two events (when bought together, for events within 6 months of each other)

Please note that Bookastall gets charged per text message that gets sent out, so these prices are subject to change without notice, as the number of subscribers increases. We will, of course, give you as much notice as we can of any price increases.

The messages will go out to all the subscribers within the COUNTY of your event. We will work with you to send out your message on the date and time of your choice, and also to agree the message you would like to send.


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