Seven Reasons Why Sending Greeting Cards Is Still Worthwhile

How many of us send Birthday cards? Or greeting cards of any kind? Would you ever send a card just to let someone know you are thinking of them? Probably not. But here are seven reasons why sending greeting cards is still worthwhile:

1. We get mostly junk mail these days

Either junk mail or bills is what comes through my door most of all. So when I see an envelope with a hand-written address, it’s such a lovely change.


2. Greeting Cards are more personal than an email

In the early 2000s e-cards took off big style. At first they were fun, and you could only send one at a time. But these days with the developments in technology, you can send out hundreds of thousands (if you know that many people!!) and they can all be personalised with the recipient’s name. I get a lot like this at my day job and to be brutally honest, I delete them all. I recently had a card made by the lovely person at Melody Moo which was a whole myriad of personalisation and colour. It was truly a work of art, and I’m going to put it into a frame. So I got more than just a card – I got a whole picture! There’s virtually no chance I would have got something like that online.


3. It’s cheap

Lets face it, you can buy a card for less than £1 these days, and with a second class stamp being less than 60p (for now!) you can surprise someone for less than £2. Yes, I know e-cards are free, but having something drop through your letter box is SO much nicer!! If your budget is a little more than that, you can have something wonderful hand made and personalised like I did from Melody Moo.


4. It’s lovely to know someone is thinking of you


And that they have taken the time and effort to pick out a greeting card for you and take it to the letter box. A hand written message means so much more than a typed out email, especially these days in our technological society. 
If you’re not exactly sure if the words to use, something like this Sympathy Card can do the talking for you. You’d never get this kind of message across in an email. 


5. Lots of people don’t have email

The older generations still lack access to the internet (generally) and appreciate a card more than most. I know my nana loves it when she gets a card or hand written letter through the post. She lives alone and sometimes (I hate to admit) I forget to call in the midst of being so busy. But I can write her a card when I’m on the train home (where the signal is too poor to call anyone) and drop it in the letter box when I get to my destination. It really makes her day to know that even though I don’t call her as often as I should, I’m still thinking of her.


6. It teaches children to be grateful

As a child, I would write thank you cards or letters to everyone from whom I received a Christmas or birthday gift. I would even sometimes ask for note cards as a gift so that I could write to everyone. It’s important to express thanks to people and I feel that younger generations often don’t do this.
I recently helped my good friend to move house and she wrote me one of the most lovely thank you card that I have ever received.


7.  You can’t display an email on you mantelpiece

How many of us get greeting cards through the post and put then on the mantelpiece or on the window sill? And then we keep them there for a week or so after the occasion to remind us of all the lovely people who remembered us and thought of us. You can’t display your e-cards for everyone to see! And the last time I checked, no-one was impressed with a bulging inbox (certainly not my boss, anyway!)

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