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Always be Visible


Lots of people come to us to help them with selling their products. The first thing we would ask you to explain is what you are doing already. Then we can evaluate, and go from there. The majority of people have two, or perhaps three channels through which they generate sales. What we do is… Read more »

Bookastall Meets Nick Nacks

The Nick Nacks Craft Co is a beautifully quaint little shop in the heart of Telford. Run by Bradley and Nicky, they have transformed the shop into a wonderful treasure chest of handcrafted gifts. We had a fantastic time in the shop, looking at all the different crafts that had been displayed so thoughtfully. The History of Nick… Read more »

Ultimate List of Twitter #Hours For Epic Networking

twitter hours

What are Twitter Hours? Twitter Hours are specific hashtags used on Twitter at certain times of the day/week. They bring together people with similar interests, or people in a single location. This helps your networking, especially since most of the participants of these Twitter Hours are live tweeters. This means that there are less robots… Read more »

Anerley Craft Fair

Anerley Craft Fair

At the weekend I had the absolute pleasure of heading down to the Anerley Craft Fair in South London. I had seen this event advertised extensively on social media so decided that I wanted to check it out and meet all the stallholders.   Hello Odonnell Hello Odonnell was one of the first stalls I… Read more »

How To Increase Your Facebook Reach

facebook reach insights

If you have a Facebook page, you are going to be concerned about your Facebook reach. How do you increase it? How do you stop it from plummeting? Here is my top 5 ways to increase your Facebook Reach:   1. Use Facebook As Your Business Page To Improve Facebook Reach What does this even… Read more »

AKA Hallo Scream Halloween Bash

halloween cakes

This Halloween I had the pleasure of attending AKA Event Management’s HalloScream Bash in Dagenham, Essex. As soon as I walked through the door I was met with an army of witches, superheroes, and vampires. They were all clearly having an absolutely amazing time (and maybe a little hyper from all the Halloween sweets!). Amongst the… Read more »