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Paying for posts to be boosted in Facebook is often a complete waste of money. We’ve done it enough times to realise that our money is generally not being well-spent by randomly boosting a post for $10 here and there. We have had a lot of success with carefully planned and executed Facebook Campaigns, but we spent an awful lot of time and money trying to reach the right people. Here are the things we have tried which have seen better results:


1. Post Interesting Content

People say this a lot. But how do you define “interesting content”. It’s basically things that people stop scrolling to read or click on. As soon as someone clicks on something you post, that post gets shown to a bunch of new people. If you boost Facebook posts, you are paying Facebook to show your post to people that would be shown it for free if someone had clicked on it. Doesn’t sound like a particularly good use of money if you ask me.

So where can you find this “interesting content”?

1. Set up Google Alerts.

Google Alerts can be set up so that when there’s an article posted online which is linked to your chosen keyword, you get an email notification. You can set these up so that you are not bombarded with emails. One per week is often enough. You’ll need a google account for this, but once it’s set up, you’ll get a list of relevant articles emailed to you as often as you want it. Then you’ll have lots of fresh new content at your fingertips ready to share.

2. Guest Blog Posts

You can ask people to guest blog on your website (if you have one). If you then post it on your Facebook page, be sure to tag in the author, who will no doubt click on that link to make sure it’s linked to the correct page. They will often share it too (as I do, when I’m guest blogging for my day job). So then your post is being shared to a whole new audience, without having to boost Facebook posts for money.

You’ll be surprised how many people will offer to blog for you in exchange for some publicity.


2. Post PicturesBoost Facebook

Pictures, especially memes, can get a lot of likes and tags, especially if they make people laugh. If you see someone else post one that you like, share it to your page. If you save it to your device so that you can schedule it to be posted later on, make sure you keep any water marks which are on it, and try to give credit if credit is due to the creator of the image. It’s only fair.

Post pictures of what you are up to! If you are sitting on a train, post a picture! Show people that you are just as real as they are. In our industry, being able to relate to other people is really important.

3a. Don’t Network

We realise this is a little controversial, but hear us out. We have joined in many a facebook networking session, and we feel that Facebook might have caught onto this. Having posted on one of these threads and received a whole load of page likes and photo/post likes, our reach never really seems to go up proportionally with the amount of interaction we are getting. We could get upwards of 7 or 8 likes on a particular post, but the reach doesn’t really go up any more. Perhaps this is because the people who are putting in the effort to try and network are somehow being flagged as such and thus reach for the posts they like stays largely unaffected. If anyone has some data on this, we’d love to hear from you. We are only saying what we have personally experienced.


3b Unless…

There is one way to make networking work for you.

There is one thing which Facebook let’s you do which has resulted in more likes for our page than anything else at all. These likes have been “real” likes from real people who have an interest in what our page is about.

I think this works from either a PC or an Apple phone. It doesn’t currently work from our Android phones.

We will explain how to do this from your PC and we guarantee that it will generate a whole bunch of new likes for you almost straight away.

When you have a post with some likes, click on them. Facebook brings up and list of all the people who have liked that post. On the right hand side of that list is an option to invite that person to like your page (if they haven’t liked it already). In our example it shows that this person has already liked our page. If they hadn’t, the button would read “Invite”.

Invite all your post likers to like your page! When we did this, the results were amazing and virtually instantaneous. And the best thing is, you can scroll back through your feed and invite and anyone who has ever liked one of your posts!

So all that networking you did which never resulted in any new fans or orders, now can! We have found this is one of the best ways to boost Facebook interaction.


4. Go Live

At the moment, Facebook LOVES live videos. It gives them the most exposure when you are live, so you’ll be seen by loads more people. At Bookastall we recently created a Live Facebook Poll and it was the most views of any post we have ever posted. Even when we have spent money to boost Facebook posts, nothing came close to the reach that we had got for this live video. It’s not just the Live Polls – our ‘normal’ live videos get way more reach than our other posts do as well. We also noticed that the posts in the hour or so after our live videos get more reach too. Although we aren’t really sure why. Perhaps the people who watched our video were more likely to be interested in the content we posted straight afterwards.

If you post a video which generates lots of likes, you can invite them all to like your page!



So there are our top tips on how to boost Facebook reach. If you have any others, we’d love to hear from you so please post them below.



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