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The Nick Nacks Craft Co is a beautifully quaint little shop in the heart of Telford. Run by Bradley and Nicky, they have transformed the shop into a wonderful treasure chest of handcrafted Nick nacks shop frontgifts. We had a fantastic time in the shop, looking at all the different crafts that had been displayed so thoughtfully.

The History of Nick Nacks

nick nacks before1The shop was once an office. It was unloved and had been left as a shell by it’s former occupants. Bradley and Nicki came along and saw it’s potential. With a little help from their local council, and a lot of vision, they turned this space into something amazing.

There seemed to be an abundance of little helpers too – crafters of the future, perhaps? After all the decorating and sorting, Nick Nacks emerged. nick nacks helpNick nacks help2

Nicki and Brad clearly put a lot of effort and time into this shop, and it shows. From the placement of the crafts on the shelves, to the knowledge they have about every item they sell, they live and breathe Nick Nacks.


Why Craft Shops?

Whilst we were there, Bradley very kindly explained to us what is needed when a crafter is looking to sell their items in a local craft shop. Whilst every shop is likely to have slightly different terms, Nick Nacks is very representative of how a lot of craft shops are run.

We spoke to Sue, one of the crafters who sells her items in Nick Nacks while we were there. Sue makes beautiful wire trees and, when we spoke to her, told us that she was just starting out with book folding. She said that there was “no downside” to selling in Nick Nacks, and it really helped boost her business.

Nick Nacks Sue

Things to consider are whether you, as a crafter, would be charged by space, or charged a commission on what you sell. Perhaps a combination of the two. At Nick Nacks, they charge by the shelf, which makes it very easy for crafters to know how much money from each of their items they will keep. All of it!

Nick Nacks also accept items via mail. This means that no matter how far away you are, you can still sell your handmade gifts in their lovely little shop. Just pack them up securely, and send them over!

Just as Sue said, there really is no downside! You’ll have a high street presence. Your products will be being sold by someone who really, genuinely, cares about them. Plus, it will free up some selling time for you to concentrate on making your products.

Personalised Items

People might be wondering, as I was, how one would go about buying something bespoke from Nick Nacks. It turns out that Bradley and Nicky have a fantastic relationship with all of their crafters. They will take as much information as they can from the customer and pass it on to the crafter. I felt that this was such a good idea because it meant that a customer could get a feel for the kind of thing they were buying, before they bought it.

This would be the case for things like book folding or personalised jewellery. You have a look at some examples, and then contact the crafter directly to have them make something to your exact specifications! This was exactly how Sue does it, and she’s had several orders via Nick Nacks.


Nick Nacks shopNick Nacks shop 2Future Plans

Bradley and Nicki have big plans for Nick Nacks. They plan to add a little cafe to their shop so that people can come in and have a cup of tea and a slice of cake. This is a fantastic idea because it means that there will be even more footfall through the shop. We can’t wait to go back and have a look when it’s done!

They also have a little crafty noticeboard, so if you are in the Telford area and have something crafty going on, let them know and they can tell all their customers.

So a huge thank you to Bradley and Nicki for letting us come into their shop and have a nosey about. You can check out the interview we did with them – which will be posted up in our tutorials section in the next few days.

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