Advertising Options

Here at Bookastall, we like to keep the advertising to a minimum. We believe that our events and crafters speak for themselves.

We do, however, understand that sometimes people want a little extra push for their event or business. Therefore we are happy to offer the following advertising opportunites:

Text Messages – from £8.75

Send a text message to people in your County, telling them either about your business, or your event.

For full details on this service, CLICK HERE

Facebook Pinned Post – £6.00 per week

We have a Facebook group set up for each county in the UK. If you would like your post to be pinned to the top of the group for one week, choose this option.

Guest Post – £15.00

We love guest posts. We love hearing about what you all have to say. So if you want to write us an advertorial for your business or event, we would love to hear from you. For a small fee, we will upload your post and promote it via our social media channels. We will be able to let you know how many people it has reached so that you can see how well spent your money has been 🙂

All we ask is that whatever you are promoting, you have it listed on our site (if you sell jewellery, you would need your business listed under our stallholder listings). It would need to be in keeping with the theme of Bookastall, and we want to see some photos! We will happily work with you to get it just right, and won’t publish anything until we are both happy.

Bookastall Newsletter

Advertising in our Newsletter – £5.00

We send out newsletters on a regular basis, which include the latest stallholders, upcoming events, and whatever else we think you might like to read about. We will happily pimp out one spot in each newsletter to get you some extra exposure. Our list is growing daily, and our open and click-through rates are well above the industry standards. You are welcome to contact us for our latest stats if we haven’t uploaded them here yet.

If you have any questions at all, we would love to hear from you. Drop us an email – and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

All payments are via PayPal.

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